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Coldway has the knowledge and experience as an independent service provider to meet your ice machine needs. We support and service a wide range of brands and models such as  Scotsman, Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, Kold-Draft and Ice-O-Matic ice machines.

Producing a product that is ultimately consumed, being the ice, ice machines have their own very specific needs when servicing and maintaining them. The importance of properly repairing, cleaning and sanitising your ice machine cannot be overstated

To achieve this goal, Coldway applies a tried and proven process that addresses both service and maintenance needs. The process ensures that all the key aspects of ice machine, such as the water filtration part, is repaired with authentic equipment and is completely cleaned using tools and approved cleaning products.  This approach to repairing and maintaining an ice machine is conducive to having an ice machine that has eliminated bacterial growth and scale deposits.

Also, every ice machine that Coldway addresses is completed via a production run check to ensure that the ice machine performs in the way expected and produces ice to the quality and quantity expected.

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When we were looking for a partner to supply our refrigeration needs for a significant refurb, we came across a number of organisations who bid for our work. We ultimately settled on Coldway and things could not have turned better. A high profile site with high profile stakes was completed on time, on budget and with very few headaches


The refrigeration needs for my florist are met by Coldway which means one less thing I need to worry about. The fragile nature of my stock means that time is of the essence if something is not working as expected. Coldway has always been there for me no matter what time or day.


Having recently adopted Coldway’s maintenance program and backed up by their monitoring system, I have enjoyed a significant reduction in failures and in turn loss. One of the best things I have done recently.


I run a 24/7 baking business with my own very specific needs. Coldway always answers my calls and always turns up when they say they are. They provide what I am looking for, confidence with my service providers.



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